We Haven’t Lost Yet

President Obama spoke to the American people on election night and reassured them that the sun will, in fact, come out tomorrow. But as I woke up on Wednesday I did not find sunshine or warmth but instead clouds, and gray skies that seem to mirror the attitude of at least half our nation today.

We cannot claim that our election was not fair, for we still have that unbelievable privilege of free and fair elections in the country we live in. This is what people wanted. It may not be what I wanted, or what you wanted, or what a large portion of the United States wanted. But it has happened now because people used their right to vote, and now that voice has been heard.

How will we answer back?

Because our response will speak volumes about the kind of nation we are and the kind we strive to be. This is not us vs. them, republicans vs. democrats, it is a country of people who want more; we want something better for ourselves and the people who come after us. We want it so badly, that as Stephen Colbert said on his election night special, we’re willing to overdose on poisonous politics.

We’re divided on what “better” looks like and how to achieve it, but we’re hungry for change. As Hillary Clinton said, “let us not grow weary, let us not lose heart, for there are many seasons to come.” This result is a chapter, not the whole book, of our American history. While I admit this chapter does seem bleak, moving forward the pen does not rest solely in the hand of one man but instead lies with all those who are courageous enough to speak up and participate in the process.

We are responsible for writing our own stories and for being critical of the ones that are circulated on the news and various other outlets. We can either buy into the hatred or fight it with love and light because love is love is love is love and it cannot be swept away, no matter who is in the oval office.

The peaceful transfer of powers is not giving up, but rather the assurance that democracy and rule of law are preserved in our wonderful country. We continue on, the way we always do, and how we always must.

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