87/365 The Things I Know

There are some things I know
And there are some things I forget.
I’m guessing those things are in the trash icon
At the back of my head.

This brain a computer.
These thoughts are my files.
My words are what I recklessly print.

I wish I was more tech savvy
To unblock the potential of this innovative machine
But I guess for now I’ll have to settle
For the same skills I had when I was 13.

To copy + paste
To ctrl + alt + delete
I’m pretty sure you all understand what I mean.

To copy what we see
And paste it onto ourselves as original thought
To ctrl + alt + delete
In an attempt to reboot
And to start over on ourselves.
Yes, I’ve probably been doing this before age 13.

I wish I understood more about how I work.
To trace the connections
And find the purpose of every microchip

So that memory doesn’t stay packaged away.
It combines with logic and processing
Navigating its way onto a screen
So that I can share my story.

I hope I’m more than just zeroes and ones.
I hope my code is a language that can be deciphered.
This machine is capable of so many things.
I can create so many things.

And so can you. 

You may have lost the user manual.
Found no solution in a search bar.
And you many not understand
The nuances of how you function
But you function.

You are an innovative machine.
You can copy + paste
Ctrl + alt + delete

But from one pice of technology to another
Learn how to update.
Copy kindness and compassion
And paste it into your daily life

Ctrl + alt + delte so that you can reboot
To change the narratives of cynicism and hatred
That try and infect all operating systems.

There are some things I know
And there are some things I forget.
But I guess I’ve managed to pull out this lesson
From the trash icon at the back of my head.

Day Eighty-Seven

 photo credit: Inside Peter’s computer via photopin (license)


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