60/365 Handle With Care

Handle With Care: Write about a very fragile or delicate object.

A couple months ago my computer began to malfunction and I had to back up all my old files. This, of course, sparked a bit of nostalgia as I reminisced on some of my more angsty writing samples. I tend to write from a very personal place, and while I was in college there were a lot of word documents filled with me trying to work through some things. Deeply felt, and dramatic things.

Not only did I have word documents of whining rants but also a streak of very poorly written poetry. Today’s prompt, “handle with care,” reminded my of this one particular piece. I have probably shown this to one person in my entire life, but since this blog is supposed to be a challenge I figured I would toughen up and post it. I hope you enjoy:

The stork did not drop me off at my parents’ doorstop

I’m not that naive

Instead I was delivered in a box

And the man who brought it said,

“Handle this one with care.”

My parents eagerly tore into the box

Sorting through my awkward parts

And assembled me in a clumsy fashion

Which is why I’m probably missing a few screws

But I’ve always been sturdy enough

To carry the burdens

Of everyone I’ve ever loved

These days I have a few dents and scratches

But my parents still look at me

As if I’m the most valuable thing they possess

Day Sixty

photo credit: frágil via photopin (license)


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