51/365 5 Men From BuzzFeed I’d Like To Date

It’s been kind of a weird day. I never thought that I would be sitting here writing this post, and especially not after yesterday since I was talking about terrorist attacks in Brussels. After some of the heavy material that I’ve been laying down recently I wanted to write up something short and fun, and what’s more fun than admiring beautiful men? While trying to recall from memory some of the videos where I’ve seen these guys I became slightly alarmed at the large fandom that is out there for the men that work at BuzzFeed.

They have become celebrities in the sense that there are whole Tumblr pages dedicated to them, and people gossip about their alleged relationships with other BuzzFeed employees. All I know is that I need to get me a job at this office. Without further delay this is the list of men from BuzzFeed i’d like to date (in no particular order):

1. Shane Madej



If you spend any time watching BuzzFeed videos you probably recognize Shane from the Test Friends series. I think the reason I find Shane so appealing is that he has this genuine type of enthusiasm for the different challenges in videos. He is funny, but not in a mocking way. All around Shane just seems to be a happy person. Oh yeah, and his spirit animal is a Weimaraner.

2. Andrew Ilnyckyj 



Andrew was my first BuzzFeed crush. He has the best responses in videos, and he always delivers his opinions in that straight face. He is different from my other picks due to his sarcastic and somewhat snarky nature but that is definitely my favorite thing about him. His spirit animal is an orange striped cat because he doesn’t give a shit.

3. Chris Reinacher 



Everything about Chris is just kind of adorable. From his mild manner to his soft speaking voice he just makes you want to walk up to him and give him a hug. His spirit animal is a chipmunk or some other small woodland creature that would help guide a Disney princess through the woods.

4. Nick Zephyrin



I’m just going to call it like I see it, Nick kind of looks like a heartbreaker. But a heartbreaker who can kiss, daaaammmmmnnn. In all seriousness he kind of looks like a Jonas brother but in this case that is certainly not a bad thing. His sprit animal is an elk.

5. Keith Habersberger 



Keith is my favorite Try Guys member, and even though he is deeply in love with his girlfriend I had to include him on the list. Mostly due to the fact that I  agree with Zack. Keith is an exquisite human being. He has the fun quirky personality, and is the type of guy that you just want to hang around with on the weekend. His spirit animal is an awkward giraffe.

Day Fifty-One


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