44/365 A Love Letter to Ice Cream

Dear Ice Cream,

I’ve experienced your love in many different forms: cookies n’ cream, peanut butter ripple, the entire collection of Ben and Jerry’s. No matter the form you’ve taken you have been there for me. Whenever I needed a soft, delicious friend to turn to you were there. In times of tragedy, in times of celebration you were my favorite companion. You have witnessed me in my darkest moments and never judged me for a moment. You were my crying shoulder.

When I came home drunk to my residence hall you were waiting for me, even though you belonged to another. Despite your previous involvement you offered yourself up to me and a friend in a time of need. We walked arm and handle to our room and bonded over a conversation of everything that seemed to be going wrong. You let tears run down my face and onto…well your face.

Even through my drunken tears and rambling you stood like a frozen solid pillar of strength, and let me consume you. I can never thank you enough for that. I was reminded of your heroic act today as I searched for you high and low with my family in tow this afternoon. It seemed like the world was against me as I searched the streets and the doors to your temples were closed on every corner. I was trying to stay strong because I knew that is what you would want me to do.

While I know that you are omnipresent I was still looking for you in your best physical form, which is why the crew got back in the swagger wagon (aka a mini van) and found you in a holy dwelling place. I celebrated you in silent revelation, and was once again grateful for a reunion. My stomach greeted you like an old friend.  As I stood there marveling at your beauty I reminisced over previous encounters, and smiled at the journey we have taken together. I wouldn’t have wanted to commit to anyone else.



photo credit: Amelia + Vanilla Ice Cream = Love via photopin (license)

Day Forty-Four


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