41/365 An Open Letter to My Niece

41. Write a letter to someone you love.

Dear Squeakers,

The first time I held you in my arms I couldn’t believe how small you were. A few days before that moment you were just a tiny alien in your mother’s stomach and then there you were. This tiny human who happened to be the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. You should know, your aunt Brooke doesn’t believe in love at first sight but you were my exception. From the first moment I saw you it seemed impossible to love anyone more than I loved you.

That is the first thing you should know. You are surrounded by love. When the world seems like it is falling a part you can always turn back to your family and know that we will be here for you. And when you decide that you need space from your family, we’ll still be here for you. Family is this crazy force in life that can drive you to absolute insanity, but when you feel like your about to fall over the cliff they will drag you back. Luckily, you’ve been blessed to be placed in this family which means that you will get through it all with a smile and a great sense of humor.

I vow to be your best friend and confidant. To listen to your woes, and complaints about your parents. I vow to take you shopping, and to tell you hilarious stories about your dad. I’m here to be your crying shoulder and to listen when it seems like no one else understands. You can always talk to me, but it is my hope that if you can’t come to me you will find a support system outside of your family to believe in you. A beautiful girl like you will have no problem building friendships, but I hope you build them with people who are worthy of your time. There are people in this world that are filled with negativity and will want you to subscribe to cynicism and hatred with them. When that day comes offer them a smile, and just feel sorry that they don’t have an aunt like yours to teach them about love.

Love, that’s another thing we should talk about. Fall in love with as many things, as often as possible. Try everything once. Play sports, do theater, take dance classes, and find the thing you are passionate about. The thing that you can’t live without. Let your passion fill you completely, and never let it leave you. Dream the biggest dreams you can imagine and then chase them every day no matter the obstacle.

But of course with love there will be the occasional heartbreak, and I will be by your side for that too. When you live a life with an open heart, and open arms that are ready to embrace the world you are naturally left vulnerable. Despite this vulnerability and the chance of pain this is the way to live. I’m telling you squeakers you will experience so much of this amazing world but only if you remain open to it. The beauty of it all is worth the occasional pain.

I hope this letter gives you comfort no matter where you are in life, and I hope it will be a little piece of me you can always hold on to.

All my love,

Aunt Brooke


photo credit: Twinkle Toes via photopin (license)

 Day Forty-One


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    1. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Some of them I have taken from thinkwritten.com and some of them from wordpress that has a daily post calendar. When I don’t do that I just take inspiration from my own life. I hope that helps!

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