32/365 A Place In Time: Part Two


32. Places: Beach, mountain, or forest? Or somewhere else entirely? 

 This is a story about three separate places, that held three special moments for one girl. One was a beach. One was a mountain, and one was a forest.

This is the tale from a mountain (sort of):

She couldn’t say that she had been to the top of a lot of mountains, but she had been to the top of some impressive hills and this was by far the most impressive hill she had ever seen. Her father wasn’t there to tell her that, “everything looks better 1,000 feet up.” So instead she said it to herself quietly, but to see everything in a better light she had to climb the stairs.

Now stairs she had climbed, and a hill should be so lucky to have stairs but with each step up the hill she could feel herself breath a little harder. The stairs came to end and with the ending of stairs there was the beginning of rock. She suddenly felt as if she did not have the appropriate foot wear as her her feet stumbled underneath her.

After looking at stairs, and after looking at her feet she finally looked up. She looked up because she had made it, but there was no light waiting for her. The clouds stole it away, like they often do in that city. Instead she was greeted with the wind, pulling her forward and pushing her back. Even with the sunshine on an extended leave, things still looked better from way up high on this impressive hill.

The hill was a favorite among visitors to this city and on either side there were victors of the short climb. People in groups, people in pairs, and in the middle of it all she stood alone and admired how far she had come. There was a whole city before her. A city that she had spent hours wandering through. And before this city there was another city and after she left this hill there would be a city after that.

But for the moment she was a little more than 800 feet up, and that type of height made everything look good. And it looked that way even when she was alone.

Day Thirty-Tw0


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