33/365 A Place In Time: Part Three

33. Places: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

This is a story about three separate places, that held three special moments for one girl. One was a beach. One was a mountain, and one was a forest.

This is the tale from a forest:

She found herself in a forest of Redwoods, which may be one of the most magical collection of trees to find yourself among. Although you can’t just find yourself in a forest like this. To be here among the baby redwoods she had to get on a plane and fly close to three thousand miles. For two months she was going to be living beneath their canopy, and for two months she was able to live and work in the most beautiful environment imaginable.

What she didn’t like was the running. Running was not a requirement in the forest but a hobby picked up by the girl and her roommates. A co-worker had informed them of a special place that she had labeled as the, “Top of the World,” and during their first week she led a run through the Redwoods. A run that was repeated for many weeks after.

To reach the Top of the World you had to go uphill. Uphill while avoiding branches and exposed roots. Uphill and then you would reach the stairs. A set of stairs, and an overgrown path that lead to the clearing that became our mountain top. It was on the Top of the World where the girl forged a friendship she would never forget. It is a place that led her to believe that there is a plan and some places you are just meant to experience. It is where the redwoods became home.

But those stairs. Some days she could only bring herself to walk up them one at a time. Some days she could run them without stopping. She never knew what day it was going to be until she was at the bottom looking up. The girl doesn’t run much any more. It is a hobby that can only be inspired by the Redwoods.

Beneath the trees is where she lived. It is where she worked, and it is a place where a piece of her heart will reside.


Day Thirty-Three


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