30/365 My Happy List

30. Good Vibes: What makes you smile? What makes you happy?

What would your response be if someone asked you, what makes you happy? Would you be able to write down a whole list of things? Happiness seems to always be this distant goal but if you only take a moment to acknowledge the little things, you’ll begin to see how rich each day can be. I encourage those who read this to create their own list. Write as many items as possible. It will make you remember all of the things you should be grateful for.

1.) Cuddling with my dog and knowing that life brought us together at the right time.

2.) Reading a Jenny Lawson book. The first time I read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,” I couldn’t stop laughing, and felt the need to read excerpts aloud to anyone who would listen.

3.) Whenever someone sends me a picture or a video of an otter.

4.) When someone asks me to give them a spirit animal.

5.) Listening to the Modern Love podcast while riding the El to my internship.

6.) David Sedaris on this episode of This American Life

7.) Reading the PostSecret page on Sunday and relating to something funny.

8.) Getting Birchbox in the mail, or basically anything else that isn’t a student loan bill.

9.) When someone leaves me a sweet voicemail out of the blue.

10.) Getting pretzel bites at the movie theater.

11.) Feeling sunshine on my skin on a nice day during winter.

12.) John Mulaney’s stand up comedy.


13.) Hearing my baby niece laugh

14.) Stamps in my passport

15.) A good cup of black coffee.

16.) When someone tells me that they enjoy something I wrote.

17.) Hearing a really good story.

18.) Shaking snow globes.

19.) Spending an afternoon on the beach.

20.) Trying on hats at Target.

21.) Singing along to the theme music of a show I really like.

22.) Getting dressed up for a night out.

23.) Seeing musicals on Broadway, and then immediately falling in love with them.

24.) Watching the Oscars and seeing my predictions come true.

25.) Being reunited with a friend after a long period of time.


26.) Going on a road trip.

27.) The smell of new shoes.

28.) Driving on the road at night when no one else is around.

29.) Taking my bra off after a long day.

30.) When inspiration hits and I know exactly what I want to write.

31.) A glass of delicious red wine, preferably a chianti.

32.) Movie marathons.

33.) Dancing like no one is watching

34.) Making the perfect pie crust, on the first try.

35.) Getting a pizza box, a six pack of beer, and then finishing both with friends.


36.) Meeting strangers and instantly connecting over shared interests.

37.) Having breakfast for dinner, and for lunch. Breakfast sandwiches can be consumed any time of the day.

38.) Laundry fresh from the dryer.

39.) When the iTunes shuffle is on point.

40.) Making someone laugh.

41.) Wandering around Barnes & Noble and creating a list of books to read.

42.) Getting into my favorite pair of big, hobo looking sweatpants.

43.) The satisfaction that comes from crossing off an item on a to do list.

44.) Going to baseball games with my dad.

45.) Exploring aquariums.

46.) Flip flop season or just being able to go barefoot.

47.) Watching HGTV and making fun of the couples who have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

635868706731329902-251275439_hgtv 1.gif

48.) Seeing a band that I love play live.

49.) Coming home to my bed after time away.

50.) Keeping my commitment to write every day.

Feature Image: Tumblr


Day Thirty!


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