23/365 I Know What You Did Last Weekend

23. Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

February 20th, the artist known as BROOKE released yet another critically disappointing weekend. The weekend was made up of the tracks “Friday”, “Saturday”, and “Sunday” along with a bonus song called, “Mondays Are Hell.”

The highlight of the release was Saturday, which probably had the most energy and led to the most activities. Despite it’s fast tempo and upbeat dance quality it has a certain appeal to an older demographic since the song begins with a leisurely walk and brunch at Perkins.

Friday and Sunday are nearly carbon copies of each other in terms of style and rhythm. They are soft ballads that sound like they should be listened to on a rainy day. Nothing intriguing musically, just a lot of laying around and petting a dog named Peanut.

The weekend was a disappointing blow to fans of BROOKE. At her peak, weekends were filled with high energy, rock songs filled with catchy choruses. 2012-2013 was a highlight for this artist when she was a sophomore in college. No weekend was spent in a dorm room rather they were spent in the basements of run down houses dancing, and drinking.

It has seemed that BROOKE is looking to go in a different direction, and is trying to switch genres. It is clear that she is hoping to mature her sound but is now at the risk of becoming boring. She is quickly losing relevance with the young, hip demographic that used to support her. When asking a youth on the street what they thought of the weekend release from BROOKE they asked, “who’s Brooke?” That’s what the music world is wondering. Who is BROOKE turning into?

Perhaps the lack of quality in her weekends reflect her current financial situation. The rumor is that she has been dropped by her label, and is seeking to find another one that will support the new direction she is headed in. We reached out for a comment but a source close to the artist said, “I haven’t seen her in awhile but I hope we’ll see each other soon.”

No word on what her plans are for next weekend but we are all waiting in anticipation and praying that it will be better than the last release. Her future happiness depends on it.




Day Twenty-Three

photo credit: My Sundays are… via photopin (license)


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